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A2 Supercross Race

A2 was crazy last night.  The 450 main was pretty boring.  Once Tomac got the lead he checked out and nobody could catch him.  The podium was finished out with Ken Roczen in 2nd and Cooper Webb in 3rd.

The 250 main was the show to watch.  I really wanted Jett Lawrence to win.  I think everyone did. That guy is so fast.  He went down and they say he broke his collarbone.  So, I hope you heal up fast Jett. Can’t wait to watch him again.  He will come back and be a beast. The big thing was Ferrandis and Christian Craig.  Ferrandis came in to the corner hot and took Craig out. The 250 podium was Ferrandis in 1st, Justin Cooper in 2nd and Brandon Hartranft in 3rd.

-Eli Wolfe

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Supercross Glendale

Ken Roczen did it again!! He took the win in all 3 races.  The 2 restarts may have helped but a wins a win. I think this is his year to win the Championship.  He is my hero because he never gives up!


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