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San Diego Supercross

San Diego had some great racing last night. It was also military appreciation night and that is one of my favorite races.  I love seeing all the gear they have for this race but most of all I love all the support they show for our military.  

Both mains were fun to watch. My boy, Dylan Ferrandis got the win in the 250 class with an awesome pass on Forkner.  I don't like when people boo Ferrandis. He has worked hard like everyone else to get where he is. He is the kind of rider I want to be like.  He goes for the win and isn't scared to go for it. And thats what you go out there wanting to do.. Win!! The 250 class podium was Dylan Ferrandis in 1st, Austin Forkner in 2nd and Justin Cooper in 3rd.  

Cooper Webb finally got a 1st place finish this year.  Bet, he will be hard to beat the rest of the season. He will do whatever it takes to stay on the podium.  I can't wait for AC to get a win though. He took 2nd and he is one of my favorite riders. He teaches me to own up to what happens on the track and not to blame it on other things.  The podium was finished out with Blake Bagget in 3rd.    

Next weekend starts the East Coast and I can't wait to watch my boy Ezra Hastings do big things.  He has always helped me and my brother and sister. I can't wait for a team to see how awesome he is and give him a full ride because he deserves it.  I sure know Nathan will be riding with him the whole way and watching out for him.  

And everyone send Keri here at Echo some prayers.  Shes been sick and needs some because we are 40 days out from the Area Qualifier at Echo.  Can't wait to see everyone there.  

~ Eli Wolfe #211

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